Sunday, May 2, 2010

National Scrapbook Weekend!

We had a fabulous time this weekend for National Scrapbook Weekend Crop. We croped 24 hours, round the clock, played games, ate lots of good food, laughed, giggled, acted crazy and scrapped ALOT of pictures!

Our Contest Winner for the most Pages finished this weekend was Jennifer Hoemburg with 52 PAGES DONE!!! Jennifer get 15% off her next puchase.

Our Raffle Winner, who Got over $300 worth of product with a rolling tote was Susan Sheffield!

Our Costume contest winners for the Pajama Party were Jennifer Hoemburg and Lorri Keng. Jennifer was.... hmmm, getting ready for bed, and Lorri was the "mad scrapper". So cute!!!

We had a full house with 25 people altogether and it was a blast. I want to thank everyone for coming, it was great and it wouldn't have been without all you scrappin' gals! I especially want to thank Kay Rawlings for all your hard work. We definitely couldn't have done it without you!!!

Get ready, here come the pictures!!! HEE HEE HEE

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